IoT Talks Vienna June 2016: IoT & Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning [ENGLISH]

Date Wednesday, 2016-06-01
Time Doors: 18:30
Talks: 19:00
End: 22:00
Location Stockwerk
Pater-Schwartz-Gasse 11A
1150 Wien
Moderation Philipe Reinisch
Language English

Thank you for attending this great „IoT Talks“ Event! Find the slides of all the talks below as a link to the sessions. Video recordings from all the talks are available during the course of June 2016.



  • Welcome (Philipe Reinisch)
  • Automation and AI - what IT Takes in the IoT world. by Alexander Ramseier
  • Analysis of Production Data. by Florian Sobieczky
  • About the Ethics of autonomous Systems. by Philipp Schaumann
  • AI versus IA - Artificial Intelligence versus Intelligence Amplification by Felix Häusler
  • After Talks Party


Why Artificial Intelligence can be beneficial for IoT and what are the risks?

Talk Why Artificial Intelligence can be beneficial for IoT and what are the risks?
Abstract Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only a fancy tool but a real competitor advantage in the IoT space. Let's talk and elaborate about the why, how and what. Two examples from the everyday life will illustrate the effectiveness or our future.
Video Link
Speaker Alexander Roland Ramseier
Bio Alexander has worked as the CIO of a construction company, as a trainer and as a Director of Mobile Solutions. At Cisco he gained valuable experience interacting with cross-functional teams. He’s an excellent mentor helping his partners grow their business by listening to their needs and by providing professionally tailored advice.
He is fluent in German, English, French and Portuguese. His global experience has provided him with a holistic approach towards business, combining the best of all worlds. He had a big impact on the digitalization strategy of various companies in Central Europe.

Analysis of Production Data

Talk Analysis of Production Data
AbstractFor line production environments early detection of deficient manufacturing steps can prevent expensive waste and futile production procedures. Such early recognition of mistakes in the production line can be realized by supervised learning methods: Trained predictors evaluate measurements of intermediate state variables and predict the outcome on the basis of a „golden standard“. If the predicted variables differ from the outcome in a significant way, further processing of the work pieces along the production line is inhibited.
The technical side of the presentation informs about a stepwise regression strategy to circumvent false conclusions from Mediation, which is usually discussed only in linear regression environments.
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Speaker Florian Sobieczky
Bio Studium Physik(Dipl.)/Mathematik(Promotion): Univ. Goettingen,
PostDocs an: TU-Graz, Univ. Jena, CU, DU (Colorado USA)
Mitarbeit als Statistiker bei Projekten bei: ams AG, Novo Nordisk, runIT GmbH
Interessen: Machine Learning, Data-Science, Statistik, Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie

About the Ethics of autonomous Systems

Talk About the Ethics of autonomous Systems
Abstract Content
- Basic ethical concepts
- The Trolley Problem
- The Asimov Robot Laws
- Social Robots among us in near future
- The Trolley Problem for autonomous cars
- Suggested solutions
Slides roboter-ethik_schaumann.pdf
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Speaker Philipp Schaumann
Picture [[|Externer Link]]
Bio Philipp Schaumann started in what is today called „IT“ in the 70s, moving more and more into consulting in the last decades. Since 2000 the main focus is information security, with special focus on organisational, psychological and societal aspects (which are badly neglected in many cases). The last decade he spent as expert for Information Security mainly in the financial industry, which seems to be in quite some “shake-up” right now – exciting times are ahead.
His main publication platform is Philipp is also teaching at some technical colleges (Fachhochschule) and presents on many events.

AI versus IA - Artificial Intelligence versus Intelligence Amplification

Talk AI versus IA - Artificial Intelligence versus Intelligence Amplification
Teaser How artificial intelligence eats up the workplace and how to counter it
Abstract Over 47% of our workforce will be replaced in the next 30 years. Self-driving cars are only the beginning. But there is hope coming from the same source, that challenges our society. Technology that helps humans remove redundant jobs and allows them to focus on the biggest human asset: Creativity.
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Speaker Felix Häusler
Picture haeusler.jpg
Bio Felix has a background as freelancing Web-Developer and Web-Consultant; he loves innovative web projects and the thrill of disrupting markets. he studied business law, got funded out of college and works on the future of business communication with an extraordinary team of professionals. His newest endeavour - chatgrape - is a business communication solution with deep service integration to make all data from your cloud services available to your team right as you type.


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